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Elder Law

The purpose of practicing Elder Law is to help enhance the quality of life of the elderly and the disabled. The focus of our practice is assist the elderly, individuals with disabilities and their families in all legal areas which affect them including public benefits, health and long-term care insurance, probate and estate planning, and guardianship.

Few lawyers are skilled in this unique area of law.  While many law firms claim to practice in the area of elder law, few have the expertise and experience of our firm.  Ms. Wolasky is a Florida Bar Board Certified Elder Law attorney and has been certified as such for over 10 years.  Board certification recognizes attorneys’ special knowledge, skills and proficiency in various areas of law and professionalism and ethics in practice. Out of 1,627 members of the Elder Law Section of the Florida Bar, only 108 attorneys or 6.6% have this certification.  

Whether you need estate planning documents to help give you peace of mind for the future;  someone to assist you or family members in filing for a guardianship, administration  of an estate or trust, drafting or modification of a Special Needs Trust or evaluating whether Medicaid planning is right for you or a family member we can help.   



  1. Medicaid Planning

In recognition of the difficulties which many of our clients and their families have faced due to increasing medical costs and life spans, we  advise our clients in the areas of Medicaid planning, including qualification for Home and Community Based services..   Nursing home costs can exceed $100,000 a year.  Companion care at home is also very costly.  Most individuals’ savings do not generate enough income to pay for these costs and they eventually are forced must deplete their savings to pay for needed assistance at home, at an Assisted Living Facility or for institutional  nursing home care.

Long term care insurance is the best way to cover these costs. Unfortunately, long term care insurance is unaffordable for most people.  If a person is already sick, her or she may not qualify for long term care insurance.


  1. Applying for Medicaid Long Term or Home and Community Based Services.


We have years of experience in assisting individuals qualify for these services.  Whether nursing home care is needed, or Home and Community Based Services are sufficient- we can help.  There is a great deal of incorrect information circulating regarding how to qualify for these programs.  We can help you sort through the facts and the fiction and see if you or a family member can qualify.  Some clients can get all of the information needed in one consultation.  Others may need to hire us to organize and implement a plan for qualification.  The paperwork can be totally overwhelming.  In many cases we assist our clients with the application process from start to finish. 

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