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Terri Carr

Meet The Team


Terri Carr


Diana Arencibia


Luz Serrano, a bank teller in her native Colombia, has been our book-keeper and office assistant since 2009.

Luz Serrano


Amber is our adopted "office mascot," a sweet puppy that will be around the office looking for belly rubs every once in a while.

Amber Wolasky

Terri Carr worked with our senior partner for 23 years; and upon David Lillesand's relocation to Clearwater, Florida; Mrs. Carr remained here in our South Florida office and has been our guardianship paralegal for the past 10 years.

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Diana Arencibia has been a Paralegal for over 30 years in the state of Florida, and has been our Probate paralegal since 2010.

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